MhcDigital is a digital marketing agency specialising in lead generation and mobile app marketing. For our clients who are looking to acquire new customers through lead acquisition we generate custom leads by running targeted ads across a variety of digital marketing channel. Our ads drive traffic to a custom-built landing page where prospective customers can submit an enquiry to become a lead. Once the enquiry is submitted it will be instantly emailed to your sales team for processing.

For our Mobile app clients, we’ll work closely to optimise their product page and promote their apps on the most appropriate marketing channels. In addition to driving downloads, we encourage our clients to set specific in-app actions to measure the quality of the prospective user.

Ultimately, our focus is generating leads that convert into sales and reach prospective customers that add value to your business. Not every lead or app download will result in a sale however our team will work to minimise your CPAs to ensure a positive ROAS.

Lead Generation Services

We’ll combine our resources with yours to create and manage lead generation campaigns. Campaigns will utilise your branding to generate demand

AySource Lead Generation

Get a bespoke landing page built and published on We’ll manage your campaigns end to end so that you can focus on sales and revenue. Learn More >

Mobile App Marketing

App marketing requires very specific expertise to deliver excellent results. We’ll us a variety of channels and sources to drive install and app actions

Agency Service

Have your own ad accounts and campaigns, but need expertise to improve results? Our team will manage and optimise your campaigns and achieve your goals

How we work


We’ll seek constant feedback from our clients to ensure we’re meeting their expectations.


Based on the feedback we receive; we’ll take the necessary actions to deliver results.

Data Analytics

We’ll analyse the campaign data to speed up the campaign optimisation process.

Fully Managed Campaigns

All campaigns will be fully managed by our team in our own ad accounts.

Landing Page Optimisation

We’ll build and optimise your lead generation and mobile app landing page for free.

We make customer acquisition look easy

Our aim is simple

Help your business thrive by generating quality leads that convert into sales. Our team of digital experts work tirelessly to manage the whole marketing process so you can focus on what you do best.

Scalable & Simple Pricing

We understand that business needs change and that’s why we provide our clients complete flexibility when it comes to their budgets. If there is an opportunity to drive growth, then we’ll do our best to meet that demand.

Quality Focused Management

Most agencies focus on CPA while we concentrate on delivering quality. For our lead gen customers, we try to measure end-to-end performance, while with our Mobile App clients we measure downloads and in-app actions to measure results.

Why paid advertising

Our team of experts utilise a variety of digital channels to acquire traffic to deliver leads or app downloads. These channels include, but are not limited to, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Tiktok.

Paid Ads Garners Instant Results

Unlike organic search or posting on social media, paid ads garner instant results. This is achieved by placing ads in premiums placements on your chosen platform. Whereas it can take months to rank at the top of Google or build and a significant audience following on your preferred social media platform, paid ads accelerate your exposure to your ideal customer profile.

Paid Advertising is Cost Effective

Online advertising is designed to fit any budget. Most ad platforms use a PPC (pay per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions) payment model. This means that you only pay when a user takes a specific action. This, combined with your specific conversion goals, means we can work towards specific CPA and ROAS targets

Campaign Performance Is Measurable

Every penny spent on digital media can be tracked and the results measured to gauge the effectiveness of the campaigns we’re running. Success or failure is easily determined, and the decision-making process is accelerated.

Paid Advertising Offers Enhanced Targeting

Each platform offers a selection of targeting parameters. Beyond basic keywords, user demographics, location, interest and affinity targeting, we can choose to upload a list of contacts, or create a lookalike audience that resembles your existing customers.